If you have ever tried to start a free website, then you have probably come across WordPress since it is one of the most popular free options in the USA. The great news is that WooCommerce, their most popular plugin for online stores is also free and it will be the perfect tool for you to build a great ecommerce website. Today we are going to talk a bit more about this free ecommerce website builder tool and look at some of the best and worst things about it, so make sure to keep reading to find out what we think about it.

If you are familiar with WordPress then you already know that this is a self-hosted platform that doesn’t come with free hosting, so if you want the experience to be free you will have to find that as well, but even paid for hosting is pretty affordable so that shouldn’t be a problem even for a startup. This is an incredibly powerful tool, however, because it is self-hosted you may have a bit of trouble with it if you are a beginner so that is definitely something to keep in mind.

One of the best things about this free ecommerce website builder tool is the fact that it has those really powerful features that we mentioned above. Because of them, there is pretty much no limit to what you can do with WooCommerce and how far you can take your ecommerce. It also comes with some great SEO options which means that it will be really easy for you to get to the top of any search engine. It is also a great option for larger stores and not just for small ones, which is rare when it comes to free website builder options in the USA. The design is also on point and you will be able to display your products in a modern way with ease.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this tool is the fact that it is really complicated and it really isn’t very easy to set up and you really need to have the necessary technical knowledge. Of course, you will have to use WordPress and be fairly good at it, and we also mention that this will require you to find your own hosting. There is also no technical support from their side, so if you run into a problem you will have to deal with it yourself or go on community forums to look for help.

When something is a popular as WordPress it is easy to see why people gravitate towards it so much. Even though this free ecommerce website builder tool does have some downsides, we still believe it is one of the best options out there in the USA and we totally recommend you check it out.

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