3 Open Source E-Commerce Website Builders for Webpreneurs

Are you planning to go online in 2018? You want to become a webpreneur and join other peers making it in the virtual market. To realize this dream, you need an attractive and well-designed e-commerce website. Your site must be a customers’ magnet if you will earn high profitability. Also, joining the virtual platforms opens new doors for you.

Instead of selling to the locals, you open your windows to international and regional customers. By this, you are sure of additional bucks in your pocket. However, not all e-commerce website builders are fit for everyone. So, if your purpose is to operate online stores or become a webpreneur, here are the top open source website builders you should use:


One challenge of many webpreneurs is developing a website that looks like them. Or else, you want an online store that represents your business full in the virtual sphere. Sometimes, this is difficult, particularly where you do not have an opportunity to interfere with or modify the codes. If you have had a desire of creating uniqueness in your website, you need to think about osCommerce. This open source platform allows you to fulfil your desire. It offers you the freedom to tweak and modify the codes without the fear of interfering with a license or infringing the agreement.


Also, the platform comes with an array of integration and features. It offers you more than 900 integrations. Since it is the oldest open source platform, it has an active community made up of developers and site owners. Hence if you have any challenge while using the platform, you can turn to the community for immediate assistance.

Spree Commerce


The next platform suitable for open source e-commerce builder lovers is Spree Commerce. This platform is complex as it requires one to know Rail and Ruby. Or else, you must engage an expert with these skills. If you can access either, it is a good platform to design your desired e-commerce site. since the coding language is not popular for many webpreneurs, you can be sure that your site will be unique and stunning. This way, you will attract a large following once you launch. Also, it will raise you to the throne in your niche.

The best thing about Spree Commerce is that it has customization features that enable you to match your preference and those of your target customers in the designing process. You do not have to worry. In case you come along with a challenge during the development stage, you can turn to the community for help. The platform has more than 1000 members who are standby to offer you any support you might require. Hence, it is a splendid place to build your online store.

Magento Open Source

If you are not a first timer, the name Magento is not jargon. You are aware of several brands from this company. On this option, Magento offers you an open source e-commerce website builder to help you enjoy web building freedom. This platform comes with great features that step up your efforts to develop a standing out website.

Also, you have an opportunity for add-ons. You can add any third-party or payment gateway to help you process your transactions as well as generate business reports. Apart from this, Magento open source provides you with a bunch of marketing tools to ensure you succeed when selling online as well as optimize your site for the search engines.

With all these functionalities, you can be sure that success will be yours by selecting this open source e-commerce builders to build your online store.